Sangsang Univ. is KT&G's social contribution activity that imagines and realizes a 'better tomorrow' together.

As a part of KT&G's social contribution, SangSang Univ. started as a contemplation on what support is most needed for college students, and the future of our society.

SangSang Univ. Indonesia, which started as a university student culture and art community in 2015, provides opportunities for learning, exchange, and sharing in various fields centered on culture and art, and is growing into a comprehensive community that encompasses career exploration, preparation, and social contribution activities. KT&G believes that the free imagination and new sensibility of college students will enrich the society in which we live together.

SangSang Univ. is a college student community for generation of social values through the utilization of the creativity of youth and is one of the unparalleled and differentiated CSR programs of KT&G.

It is an external activity community of university students of KT&G to assist with their true self-growth through the provision of opportunities for diversified experiences and exchanges to the university students experiencing arduous life due to excessive personal specification competition within the campus.

Through the execution of online and onsite programs (classes/activities, etc.) throughout the country, we are discovering new possibilities and providing the venue for exchanges through which the university students can share new memories with other students by enabling them to express their imaginations as follows.

('Sangsang' means imagination in Korean)

Our Achievement
(June 2023)

SangSang Univ. is the leading youth community for learning, connecting, and creating impactful values with local students

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Since 2015


Annual Class


Annual Activity


Annual participants

External activities community of university students

Sangsang community that encourages passion and challenges

SangSang Univ. operates as a community with more than 30,000 annual participants. We operate various social contribution activities that university students can directly participate in, such as volunteering to improve the local environment led by university students and mentoring to support education for children in orphanages.

A place for self-growth, Sangsang Univ.

SangSang Univ. offers more than 200 classes a year to provide opportunities for university students to grow. We offer a variety of soft skills such as digital marketing and graphic design that are difficult to find in regular university courses, as well as free cultural classes such as K-pop dance, Korean language, and handicraft making.

A place for exchange, Sangsang Univ.

SangSang Univ. provides a cultural space for university students to interact. More than 60,000 people participate in the interactive SangSang Univ. group chat, and the number of participants continues to grow. The annual 'SangSang Festa' event provides a stage for participants to showcase the activities they have learned over the past year, including K-pop performances and choral performances.

A cultural space for university students, Sangsang Univ. Zone

KT&G operates the ‘SangSang Univ Zone’ in partnership with universities and public institutions. Currently, we have officially opened SangSang Univ. Zone at Jakarta State University (UNJ) and BINUS University (BINUS), where we hold monthly offline classes and various cultural events. Any university student can use the space for free, providing a place for dance practice, choir practice, and presentation practice.

SangSang Class

- An educational program where you can learn through live interaction with instructors online and offline.

A variety of regular classes centered on culture and arts that awaken new sensibilities and possibilities, including vocal, band, theater, craft, cooking, etc.

SangSang Volunteer

- Selfless volunteer program to realize social value

Volunteer activities in which university students participate in community support activities, nature conservation activities, etc.

SangSang One Day

- A program to create a special day through new encounters and experiences

One-day events where participants can spend a special day by providing active contents such as performances, exhibitions, experiences, DIY, etc.

SangSang Festa

- A signature festival based on the social values pursued by SangSang Univ.

An annual event that combines all the activities of SangSang Univ. into one unique festival.

SangSang Career school

- A program for young adults who completed the SangSang Univ. program in college and are starting their professional journey.

Job preparation boot camp with career experts, including resume writing, interview training, group discussions, etc.

Sangsang Friends

College student supporters who plan and run online contents of SangSang Univ.

Sangsang Volunteers

College student volunteers who plan and participate in social activities

Sangsang Mentor

College student volunteers who participate in educational donations to orphanages


A place where the youth create social value with their imagination


We are a community of university students that supports university students to help them make cultural connections.

We are turning the imaginations of young people from all over Indonesia into a reality.

Our Programs

SangSang Class (online and offline)

SangSang One Day

SangSang Volunteer

SangSang Festa

SangSang Career School

SangSang Community (Friends, Volunteers, Mentors)

SangSang Univ. Zone

It is a cultural venue for exclusive use by the university for the execution of Sangsang Univ. programs. Any university students who are members of Sangsang Univ. can participate in offline classes and activities in Sangsang Univ. Zone situated in local universities (such as UNJ) and government-affiliated institutes (such as JCH) for free.

Company for the World of Sangsang

KT&G Sangsang Univ. creates social value with the imagination of the youth.

SangSang Community

University student group that leads Sangsang Univ. for activities in diversified areas including on and offline promotion and volunteer services, etc.

SangSang Volunteer

Altruistic campaign program for realization of social values Volunteer activity programs in which college students directly participate, such as community support activities and nature conservation activities.

Venue for self-growth, Sangsang Univ.

Sangsang Univ. is providing opportunities for students to achieve further growth through various programs. As such, we are providing permanent opportunities for self-growth that university students, who are experiencing arduous life due to excessive personal specification competition within the campus, have difficulties in accessing throughout the country throughout the year through provision of programs composed of diversified contents.